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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Why Ideas Don’t Reliably Predict The Future

Have you ever heard of someone share an idea as to what should be done or how things could be made better? I have. Hundreds of times. Yet, most never happen. Why is that? An epiphany occurred while listening to a podcast interview of Peter Thiel. He is a super successful venture capitalist and company builder. He was an early investor in Facebook, worked on Paypal early, and other ventures. The...

No Time

To Talk. Discuss. Agree.

To Touch. Smile. Hug.

To Share. Laugh. Cry.

To Reflect. Forgive. Move on.

To Stop. Measure. Adjust.

To Ask. Question. Learn.

To Question Why? Who? When?

To Pray. Thank God. Appreciate.

To Stop. Reflect. Understand.

That time is only the enemy because we use it as an excuse instead of using it more productively.

Let’s Boil The Ocean

This week, I attended a meeting of heads of like local organizations, to see if we can find ways to work together. Most of us were strangers to each other. It was the first time that many of us met. During the course of the two hour discussion, many ideas were shared. Common struggles were confirmed. Priorities were exposed that converged into common themes. My impression was that everyone in the...

More Ideas & Perspectives Please

Someone pointed out to me recently, that I get very excited around new ideas & perspectives. I humbly thanked them for the insight, having never really thought about this. And if it is true, then more importantly the question to answer is why? Reflecting on this insight made me think of many instances where being exposed to new ideas and perspectives led me to new revelations and learnings...

Why Give Thanks?

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s a question I have never asked. A day full of food and family, football and laughter, & togetherness without expectation. A time to stop, as it reminds us that Christmas is very near. But why give thanks? When you thank someone, you acknowledge their presence in your life. They took the time and showed interest or they did something that helped you...

Sometimes, Being Counter-Intuitive is Best

Our intuition becomes powerful as we continue to collect experiences in our life by each day. Routines create patterns that become internalized as both safe and productive. Media and popular thinking flood our attention with what, we are told, is accurate thinking. Only to hear, story after story, of the prevalence of fake news. Our instincts tell us to do what we believe, while quietly our...

Recalibrating Our Lives

Often we hurry through our days. Monday begins while readily Thursday appears. Seemingly one week into our New Year’s resolutions and we are already celebrating our Labor Day holiday. Missed meals, sleepless nights, endless deadlines, and life’s worries all contribute to the speed of our lives. There is never time to rest because we have thoughtlessly already committed to do something...


It’s a word that appears in our lives more than we realize. Our emotions are a reaction to something we hear, see or feel. Anger pushes us past our disatisfaction. An email causes us to stop what we are doing to answer. What we forget, is that we initiate our reaction. Not others. Nor a situation. Yet we never feel in control. It’s as if our reaction has a life of its own. Guided by...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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