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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Timeless Classic: Who or What

[First published August 2015]Both who and what are words that we use either in questions or in declarations of something. Who did it or what happened? I spoke to someone who IS in charge or what we are about to do will change the direction of our company forever! Can you feel the difference? Seldom are these words used together. Examples...

Sparkles in Life Are Within Each of Us Every Day

Too much of our focus in life is a combination of “getting ahead” or “simply keeping up”. Our lists are long. Schedules tight. Responsibilities many. With an occasional party for us to mistakenly pack all of our joy for the week into its brief existence. We turn to buying things or binging on things (food, alcohol, TV) to help us forget or to simply cope with what faces us...

Timeless Classic: The Funny Thing About Details

[First published July 2018] Sometimes they confuse us while most times they can make all of the difference in succeeding.  They can be confusing for many reasons. Focusing on a few of the details could lead us in the wrong direction. Some details may just simply be noise because they are irrelevant yet we treat them as important. At times, details can come so quickly and in such large...

Two Instances – One Insight

The other day my wife and I were listening to music on our patio. She commented how much she enjoyed the lyrics of a song and asked if I felt the same way. My answer was “I don’t know because I was listening to the great piano playing and musical melody of the song”. Why did I have this reaction? Because I love the piano even though I can’t play it very well. She liked the...

Measuring the Items On Our To-Do List is Difficult

We all have things we need to get done. Sometimes in our minds. Most times, on paper or in a task app. I have struggled all of my life with creating to-do lists. Never accomplishing everything on a list. Sometimes looking at them weeks later and wondering how everything got on it. Taking a new look at how to organize myself, I found more questions than answers. All of them led me to the...

Finding the Steps

Ideas are everywhere. All of us have ideas. They sound wonderful. So certain. Easily achieved. Spoken as if they were effortless. So many times though, we are left asking the question “why doesn’t anything get done”? Through the years, what I have come to understand include: Nothing happens by itself.There are usually many steps that are needed to do first before an outcome is...

The Foreign World of Improvement

We talk about change often. Whether it’s losing weight or voicing dissatisfaction with our job. Complaining about a friend or co-worker, emotionally wishing they would change. Our significant other’s habits annoy us and wanting them to change. Or trapped in our seemingly boring life, social media gives us views “out of our window” cultivating a restlessness in our hearts...

Timeless Classic: There Are No Straight Lines in Life

[First Published: August 2016] It’s very difficult to draw a straight line on a piece of paper without a ruler. It’s hard to walk a straight line when none exists below your feet. Life never gives us any rulers. Nor does it leave us with the last chapter of our dream already written. One of the hardest lessons to learn is that life never affords us the opportunity to achieve exactly...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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