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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Working Backwards

We live our lives one day at a time. Things happen taking us one way or another. Without much thought. Days, weeks, and months go by quickly. Where did the time go? Popular imagery and story lines tell us that we have to be moving forward. Constantly in motion. Change is occurring around us. We must adapt and evolve. Building families, careers, organizations, networks and friends. Fear of losing...

Why vs What?

It’s common in conversation to ask “what are you doing”? Our responses are mostly monotone for we simply are sharing facts. Describing the activity we find ourselves in at this moment. Not only are we often asked this, but we too ask this same question of others. When changing this question to “why are you doing – what you are doing?”, we tend to pause. Filling...

Two Ways to Generate Options

Try different things unil you find something that works. Or discuss all of the possibilities but do nothing. We are not “wired” to think in terms of options. Our minds race too quickly to an answer we believe is the only right one. Granted some options we discover may not be doable or they may fail. Going through the exercise is helpful in understanding there is always “more...


Our bodies can endure much. More capable of doing or moving towards exhaustion than the mind. Never giving us a chance to avoid it, life sometimes simply makes this happen. Sometimes bringing us satisfaction for the work we just completed While at other times using exhaustion to get us momentarily to stop when nothing is going well. . Sometimes exhaustion rapidly descends upon us. Fooled by time...

What We Did Not Think About

All of us have good ideas. Something seems very clear as to the benefit we would enjoy when doing something different. With excitement we pursue something — “full steam ahead”! Things we hoped will occur do. It becomes clear to see the outcome of what we chose to pursue. What is interesting, especially in initiatives that are significant, are things that appear we did not think...

I Need to Finish……

Work has been intense the last few days. New systems being installed. Lots of activity going on. Many things tugging at my attention. With the hurricane of activity around me, my list grows larger with no end in site. Knowing that attention to detail is where we gain traction, my days drift into long nights much like on a march without a formation. Using the phrase “I need to...

Being Curious Enough To Ask Questions

A curious mind is always restless. Never content with what is in front of them. Always looking for the next door to lead them to more. Questions are its primary tool. For not only do the curious understand that there is always new things to learn from everyone they meet. But they sense where their knowledge ends before fully understanding what might be revealed with the next answer they hear...

The Uneven Distribution of Knowledge

We hear this question often. Someone tells us a story, giving us facts together with their opinion. Followed by “What do you think?” We immediately respond with our opinion. Wanting to be helpful or nice. Sometimes asking a follow up question for clarification. Our responses typically are quick. Filled with certainty. Wanting to be helpful in the moment. But again, there are many...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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