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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Seek Out What Is Good. Always.

In a newletter, titled the “Daily Stoic”, Ryan Holiday shares the point of view at the foundation of stoicism. The word stoicism is defined on the web as “the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint”. In a recent post, he quoted Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor, with saying “When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself:...

Unexpected Happenings

When we look into our days, we always find unexpected happenings. Some good, some not. Both surprises and frustrations. Some seen and some missed. They remind us that the plans for our day are never perfect. We can never see the future with perfect clarity. Humbling us into paying attention to the imperfections in life. Our reactions to unexpected happenings vary greatly. Some become very...

The Problem With Our Objectivity

In a conversation I had today, someone told me that they were very objective when it came to issues in an organization. I asked why did they think that? They said because they are not involved in the day to day operations. This allows them to not be as biased as someone who is in the middle of “stuff”. What was interesting to me, as they talked, was that some of their information was simply wrong...


Feedback can be helpful. Others telling us what they observe about our decisions, actions, and behavior. Sometimes positive. Possibly disappointing. Its value determined by our receptiveness to what we hear. Giving us an opportunity to adjust when we listen. Reflection is personal feedback. Whether walking by the calm surface of a sunny lake or the mirror we pass every day in our house, we are...

Finding Options As Intention

I mentioned to someone recently that I believe I am more intentional in my thoughts and actions as we enter the new year. Qualifying what I said by stating that I did not obsess with timelines, completion dates, and large to do lists to focus my daily activities in a more intentional way. They found this odd. How could I be more intentional without holding myself accountable through common tools...

That Bothers You?

Over the past several months, I have seen many people get upset with the way others were behaving. Nothing criminal. Simply actions that either they did not understand or accept. People who didn’t seem to conform to their logic. What is fascinating, is how much they were bothered by all of this. Spending a lot of time venting and sharing their frustration. Crippling them by blinding them to...

We Will Always Have Steps In Our Lives

As you begin to get much older, climbing steps becomes more of a challenge. We begin to see the beauty of a one level, ranch house. No longer can we carry a 40 pack case of water. 12 bottles at a time now, is just fine. Eliminating the physical steps in our life begins to consume us. The benefits of age reveal themselves when we begin to see the steps in our lives that youth ignores. For both...

A Behind The Scenes Look At Resolutions

It’s that time of year. Full of excitement and hope. Making resolutions that ultimately generate a false sense of security that things stated will magically appear in the new year. Resolutions that, most years, fade quickly. When stepping back to look behind the scenes, we can find many ways that our resolutions for the new year become sabotaged. As we often do, we rush to make our...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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