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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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It’s a word that appears in our lives more than we realize. Our emotions are a reaction to something we hear, see or feel. Anger pushes us past our disatisfaction. An email causes us to stop what we are doing to answer. What we forget, is that we initiate our reaction. Not others. Nor a situation. Yet we never feel in control. It’s as if our reaction has a life of its own. Guided by...

Who Is Listening? Who Is Watching?

These are two popular questions in the media these days concerning voice activated devices and internet cameras in our homes. The debate centers around our privacy. Trying to protect ourselves against others from seeing or hearing who we really are. Or what we really think. I find these conversations short sighted and not very timely. For there are so many fundamantal situations that demand us to...

The Natural Law of “Lag” In Our Lives

To lag describes the fact that there is a delay between an action and a result. You most often hear the terms “leading” or “lagging” indicators when describing/predicting the behavior of financial markets. A great example of “lag” would be when you just had a medical procedure where the doctor immediately tells you that it was a success. Yet honestly, you...

Where Does Our Excitement Go?

The day after we start something new? After the days leading up to an event? When our new goal is a week old? Promising to do something with enthusiasm a few days ago? After finding the challenge to be bigger than first thought? Excitement is very much like a match. It has great power once lit, but dies quickly, unable to sustain itself. It blinds us to the need to find wood to build &...

Conveyor Lessons

This past week I spent multiple hours helping on a packaging line. Popcorn was being handpacked into containers. The containers needed a label put on them and then put in boxes to be shipped. On different days, different people helped. What I saw was fascinating. Everyone did their simple jobs differently. One person stacked the containers that came off of the conveyor before putting a label on...

What Do Relationships Need?

Time. It’s so simple but we never see it. We are always too busy to notice. Investment. Time is the currency for this type of investment. Very little comes from a hello. Much more reward can be found when you can comfortably say “it’s me again”. Presence. Marketers spend millions trying to get our attention. Relationships simply demand it in order to discover their deep...

Respecting The Other Person

I have struggled for a few days now, to find the words to share some thoughts around respecting the other person. Showing respect is a phrase that seems to have faded since my youth. Working side by side with my employees over the past few weeks for a few hours at a time, I was reminded of not only the amount of work they did but also with their spirit, smile and willingness to put in long hours...

What Can Keep Us From Being More Objective?

Our selfishness. Where we see only ourselves in everything around us. Making everything about “me”. Not listening. When hearing others, we don’t listen to learn what we don’t know. Keeping our mind closed to the possibility that we could be wrong. Believing our opinions to be truth. Never thinking that we might not have all of the information. Not understanding that we can...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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