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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Finding Joy

It’s hard to identify anyone around us who ever talks about joy. “A feeling of great pleasure” is how the internet defines it. A joy that is not rare but enduring in everything we do. For it is in joy, where we take great pleasure of doing. Finding energy, focus, & detail, with the ability to both embrace and overcome challenge. Our lives have devolved into what is missing...

The Difficulty with Questions

Questions always give birth to answers.. Seems pretty straightforward. We do this every day of our lives. With a great deal of efficiency. We ask when we don’t know something. How could there be any difficulty with a question? “Why ask this question” begins to focus our attention on the difficulty. Too many times I see people ask questions to tear down a person’s thinking...

Discovering Options

Regularly we face the need to make a choice. Usually, we choose something that seems reasonable and within reach. This happens over and over again. Making good choices is important. The act of choosing is taught to us at a very early age. Usually framed as a binary choice of either this or that. As an adult, choices become more complex. They no longer are binary. Most follow the same path to a...

Life is All About the Reflections We Create

There aren’t many places where we can see reflections. Something must facilitate them. A mirror, a shiny surface or maybe a quiet lake. While looking in a mirror is always intentional, reflections on other surfaces can occur quite unexpectedly. Life only can be felt not seen. So what does life have to do with reflections? We are not talking about thinking deeply of where you have been. This...

Decisions & Outcomes – Are They The Same?

In our daily lives, we always focus on decisions. Outcomes are not even part of our vocabulary. We stress over having to make a decision. The “Monday morning quarterback” attacks the decision we made. But little is ever heard of the separation between the two. Why even in our casual conversations we are always analyzing another person’s decision. So what is an outcome? It is the...

The Danger in Oversimplifying

Making things simple is a great way to help someone understand something that is complex. Especially in the areas of science, math and technology. Understanding the whole picture before being exposed to detail can be helpful. Simplification is a great tool to keep us from being overwhelmed. Reducing things to a simpler form gives us time back in our day by not having to immerse ourselves into a...

Happy New Year 2021

Each New Year comes with the regularity of our birthdays. Far different than a mere celebration, a New Year brings with it new hopes and goals to be achieved. Closing the door on both the good and bad of the year that is ending. Turning the page is a phrase that is commonly used to imply a new beginning. What gets lost in this metaphor is that each new beginning brings with it not only...

Our Thinking

Mirrors are great tools for helping us look good. Reminding us how we are aging. Helping us practice our smile. As well as helping us judge whether our new eye glass frames bring life to our appearance. Sadly, there is no mirror to see our thinking. From the time we wake up until our day ends, we go about our day using routines, habits, and busyness to make it through to the end. We react to...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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