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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Human Interaction is a Key To Life Even With All Of Its Difficulties

The pandemic forced all of us into different routines. Most notably, home sheltering & working from home created isolation in our lives. From those fearful to leave their home to others who were foced into endless Zoom calls to make up their work day. As we begin to gather again, I see such joy in people’s faces just to be with each other. To hear the laughter of another’s voice...

Where Did Superman Come From?

This morning I heard that an original Superman comic sold for a large sum of money. We take it for granted that Superman was always part of our lives. No matter if you are young or old. He led a parade of many subsequent super heroes to appear in our lives. We rarely stop to think where did Superman come from? Aside from the literal anwer to this question, it’s one that we could ask of...

Knowing & Not Knowing Are Not Opposites For They Pose Similar Problems

One of the greatest problems we have as humans, is trying to understand what we know and don’t know. On its surface, knowing & not knowing appear to be opposites. There seems to be no middle ground when deciding where you sit with respect to a given topic. What become’s interesting are the similarities between the two which are never considered. When we think we know something, we...

It’s Difficult To See Ourselves Clearly During Our Day

All of us can feel when we are super happy, grumpy, angry or frustrated. We go so far as to characterize our day based on this type of generalization. What is much harder to see is how we act towards or with everyone we come in contact with throughout our day. Everyone says feedback is good. It may be, but not in the moment. Reflection is what makes feedback effective. There is no time to reflect...

Consistency Is Important Because We Don’t Always Have a Good Day

One of the biggest illusions we have is that every day will be a good one. At the same time, one of our biggest excuses we hide behind is when we state that today is not a good day for us personally. So two questions come to mind: what is a good day and why should any of this affect what we do? Good days are subjective. We feel like we are having one or not. When exploring a good day more deeply...

Adjustments Are Always Necessary But Many Times Hidden

Many approach their lives in one of two ways. Either they stay the course, follow the same routine, and repeat everything over again the next day. Giving little regard to what occurred or how much progress we make in a direction. Enjoying their life without regard to a destination. Or they react to the challenges and hardships they encounter during their day with frustration and emotion...

The Practical Need For Facing Uncertainty

None of us like uncertainty. Our reaction to our recent pandemic confirms this. Our natural reaction to uncertainty is to either convince ourselves of the only certain outcome possible (to give us comfort while not knowing how things will really turn out) or to freeze and be crippled by it. We treat uncertainty that confronts us as an occasional occurrence that creates great fear in us. Yet what...

Zero Clutter

It happens to all of us. Things pile up around us. We carry more and more papers with us. The feeling that I need this or that continually pesters us. More to do. Moving fast. The clutter slowly builds. There is little time to sort through it. A disorganized office or desk was a badge of honor. For I felt that the work I was doing was too important to waste time on clean up. My most creative work...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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