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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Stories As Connectors

Much of our days are filled with the seriousness of life. Schedules, responsibilities, problems, and demands. Worry and uncertainty can consume us. Our calendars are filled with outcomes and outputs we need to achieve. Organized into lists under the name of productivity. Social media posts share snapshots of our life, thoughts, or opinions. Emails and texts replace our own voice as a new style of...

Understanding the Power of Choice

Decision is a word that is overused. The web defines it as: A conclusion or judgment reached after consideration.The act of reaching a conclusion or of passing of judgment on an issue under consideration.Firmness of character or action; determination. I much prefer replacing the word decision with choice. The web defines choice as: The act of choosing; selection.The power, right, or liberty to...

Timeless Classic: Being Mad

[First published July 2016] Very little comes from being mad. Yet I see people every day talk about being mad because of their boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, job, or situation. I get that being mad is a good way to vent some of the frustration that is deep in your heart. Being mad always leads to blindness at the moment. Controlling your anger is key to continuing to see during difficult...

The Difficulty With Importance

We are constantly confronted with things that appear important. “Do the most important thing first!” “It’s important for us to do!” “Don’t you see the importance in it?” “What is important for us to consider?” “This (fill in the blank) is what is important!” “Why don’t they see _________ (fill in the blank) as...

Timeless Classic: Is It Better To…

[First Published June 2015]

Ignore and continue, being comfortable in habit,

not caring or concerned about what tomorrow will bring?


To be present, confused, and uncertain,

being uncomfortable in struggle yet persistent in effort,

working towards a tomorrow we would like to see?

My Love of Emergent Thinking

What is emergent thinking? My definition of it is “thoughts that emerge over time”. Not readily evident on day one. Requiring a combination of curiosity and effort to discover new information which then requires you to “connect the dots” in new ways. Over the past several months, I found myself frustrated by various conversations I would have with others. Each one told me...

Timeless Classic: Stop!

[The first six lines of this post were published in August 2015] . To see where you are To look where you have been Think about where you are going. . With what you think you know. Deciding what you need to know. Recognizing what you don’t know along the way. . [When reading this today, these few short words form a basis for self-reflection. We are easily deceived by the brevity of this...

Timeless Classic: Finish Lines and Next Chapters

[First Published: June 2016] . Life’s interesting. When growing up we tend to focus on finish lines. The day I graduate. The day I can go for my driver’s license. The times that we remember vividly as markers in our life. Yet as we age, we begin to see that finish lines are simply an illusion. When we finish something, the next thing appears for us to focus on. Life doesn’t stop...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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