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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Breaking Boundaries: The Power of Self-Awareness in Personal Growth

Self-awareness is a rare character trait. Certainly, none of us have it across all dimensions of our (supposed) skills. All of us have some blind spots. Things we are not aware of about ourselves. Contrast this with our dreams having no boundaries and where our aspirations have no limits. We foolishly believe that our abilities are more than sufficient to realize them. When in truth, most times...

Embracing the Messiness: Navigating the Reality of Pursuing New Ideas

New Ideas, when stated, seductively seem simple when first heard. Thinking there will be little effort required for them to have an impact. They sound great and so certain. Of course, we know that this is not true. Only when we try to build out or execute a new idea, do we find things to become messy. Why the messiness? After school, the acquiring of new knowledge is never linear. There...

The Infinite Melody: How Music Mirrors Endless Possibilities in Life

Infinity is a hard concept to grasp as a child. How could something have no end? Infinity is something very different than the concept of zero (of nothing there). No matter how far you go you can still go further. Music might be one of the closest things I know to be able to describe and experience the infinite. Go from station to station on your car radio or playlist to playlist on a music...

Subtraction Is the Foundation for Many Desirable Traits in Life

It’s in our nature to always want more. A better job, a bigger house, dessert after a large meal, and so on. It might be more sales, responsibility, or a larger office while at work. Or wanting more RAM on our laptop, songs in our playlist, or parties this month. Subtraction – taking things away – does not come naturally to us. Focus, discipline, clarity, and endurance all...

Efficient vs Effective: How Similar Are They?

The web defines efficient as: “Acting or producing effectively with minimum waste, expense, or unnecessary effort. Acting directly to produce an effect. Causing less waste or requiring less effort than comparable devices or methods. Used in combination.” A minimum done (input or effort) to reach a maximum outcome or output. Car gas mileage – 40 miles to the gallon vs 24 miles to...

Confusing Nouns As If They Were Verbs

As a child, we learn at an early age about nouns and verbs. How and when to use them in a sentence. Over time, we build our grammar skills into a magical ability to communicate our thoughts to others. As adults, we tend to blur the distinction between nouns and verbs. We use nouns to act as verbs more times than we think. What do I mean by this? Leadership is a very subjective topic where...

Mastering Details: The Key to Intentional Living and Effective Decision-Making

Paying attention to detail is an important skill that we need to live our lives with intention. Details provide context to better understand what we now face. Giving us more clues to better decide the path we should pursue. Conversely, completing the details in our efforts, consistently demonstrates to others the quality of our thinking and outputs of work we are accountable to complete. Details...

Confronting Ourselves: The Challenging Journey of Self-Discovery and Change

Our most difficult work involves focusing on ourselves. Seeing ourselves for who we are and who we are not. When we realize the need to change something within ourselves and attempt to do it. Or when we want to learn more about ourselves to grow and evolve into something better than the person we are today. Or when things around us aren’t getting us to where we want to go and we are lost as...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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