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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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How Little We Know

While currently working on a website update we needed to get some professional photos of our products. The company doing the upgrade had in house photographers that could do the work. My assumption was that the pictures would turn out really good. What was given to us were some that were great but most were only average. With the contrast set too high making some of our snack products look too...


Unspoken words. Quiet surroundings. No answers. Missing reactions. Creating uncertainty or a welcome calm. . Empty responses. Hidden thoughts. Unanswered questions. More powerful than noise Especially when not wanted. . Time to reflect Time to ponder Time to question For minds to wander . Silence can be a friend or many times an impatient foe If only we could resist the temptation to never let go...

Cloth, Plastic, Glass & Water

Rock, paper, scissors is a game that was invented sometime past my childhood. Because of this, I don’t really understand the hierarchy of what wins when. This imagery led to the title of this post as I was thinking about being flexible in both thought and action through the different stages of our life. As children, our lives are like cloth with water being knowledge. Cloth can absorb...

“I’m Here” – The Best & Worst of Who We Are

“I’m here” is something we say quite often to ourselves and others. But only sometimes in spoken words. Most times, we voice these words silently within the depths of our ego. This simple phrase can be so powerful when directed towards others with love and empathy. Yet can be so destructive when no one notices our silent voice in need of affirmation. The best of “I’m...

Deep Thought = Time + Interest

Let’s start with sharing that I am not a perfectionist. Never have been nor ever will. What I do enjoy is working on projects that have depth and impact. Either professionally or personally. Where there are multiple paths to choose from and where outcomes are directional rather than final. For I find most things in life continue to evolve far past my interaction with them. Technology has...

The Coffin of Anger

Anger is an intense emotion. We enlarge its influence over us by how long it consumes us and how frequently we come in contact with the source of our anger. Coffins on the other hand are different. While they evoke strong emotions as well, their presence in our lives ends quickly right after the funeral. There is only darkness when inside. No laughter or sounds. No ability to see others. The six...

Discovering the Energy of Ideas

All of us have ideas. We share them freely with others disguised as opinion. Most quickly evaporate within minutes of them being spoken. Never to be heard of again. Many ideas begin with “we should or they should” being committed to death before another breath is taken. Yet there are other ideas, albeit few, that seem to gain life on their own. Where they begin to emit an energy that...

What Don’t I Know

It’s an interesting question that we rarely ask. The opposite to this question is not “what do I know” but rather “what do I think I know”. We are never taught in school to actively search for what we don’t know because we are always too busy learning to know. Many people I know are very uncomfortable with collaboration. With seeking out another’s...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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