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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Our Confusing Relationship With Time

Everywhere, we are reminded of time. In the car. On our computer. Why we even wear a watch to keep track of it. Our stop watch says 8.3 seconds. The game clock says there is one minute and nineteen seconds left. In the kitchen, our microwave says that is is 8:45. While texting we see the current time on our phone. Yet, time passes slowly these days as we shelter at home. It speeds up when we...

The Sun Rises Every Day

Much is written around the changes in our lives from staying sheltered in our homes. The isolation, the digital connections found, and the emptiness of having no where to go. Our calendars are empty because a little virus chose to travel the world. What I have recently discovered is that the sun rises every day. And the darkness of night takes its place in a day’s rhythm. Our days before...

Moments of Weakness

We easily attach ourselves to the super hero in a movie. Where the world around them is crumbling while they calmly try to make things better. Admiring the confident leader who brings calm to the people around them during times of struggle. Yet as humans, each of us face times when our emotions are uncontrollable. Our minds racing to stories with the worst endings. Hearts that truly hurt without...

Our Changing Perspectives In Difficult Times

Plans for the weekend. Both a party and a dance to go to. Staying late at work mid-week, led to a group of us going out for a drink that night. Rushing to the basketball game to see my child play. Tomorrow, we have tickets to the hockey game. Where did these days go? How quickly the pandemic of corona virus has changed our lives. Leaving the world we lived in just a few short days or weeks ago to...

Not Everything Is Rational

When illness presents itself, we become scared for ourselves and our loved ones. Visiting both a doctor and an emergency room, challenges us to understand the sequence of questions and tests that both patient and loved one must follow. Wanting answers and for symptoms to disappear is our only focus. Why do things take so long builds our frustration. Lack of detail while a diagnosis is found by...


Most times we look with anticipation for tomorrow What it will bring, what dream will come true. . Tomorrow seems taken from us Locked up somewhere else where we can no longer travel. . With time to look inside, We see more of what is missing. . What will tomorrow give? How will tomorrow change? . No one knows except for the noise of many stories. Knowing it’s only patience and faith that...

A Simpler Life

During the rush of our days and weeks, we long for a simpler life. One without as many demands on our time. Where we could be with our family or have some time home after weeks of business travel. Saying no to things during our busy days is difficult. We want to accomplish so much. There is an excitement to going here and needing to be there. Modern life has seduced us to use calendars and lists...


Recently I witnessed a discussion where a prominent point of view shared was filled with insistence. It was the feeling created that troubled me. Full of emotion and strength of voice, it appears strong with misleading confidence. When insistence is present, there is no listening. It overtakes a discussion like weeds in a garden. Based on emotion, it feeds emotion. Leaving logic stranded without...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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