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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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All of our lives we are exposed to new things. Both objects and ideas. Situations and obstacles. Failures, disappointments and successes. What we learn from all of our days is highly variable. Most times it’s simply enough to say “I get that” and move on. But what I found over time, was that when I thought I knew something I found out I didn’t. Proven to me many times with...

We All Learn Differently

A team member shared with me that they watched the training videos that were provided teaching him how to use a new data analytics platform that our company just subscribed to. I would consider this person very smart as well as a deep thinker. The project he is working on requires him to use the online data analytics platform to learn how our brand is selling in the marketplace. Then taking these...

Where Did I Put It?

This past week, I was in an office where someone asked me for a name off of a piece of paper we received. With a big smile, I remember scanning the paperwork and took my phone out to find it. Only to be embarrassed that I could not find it between Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Where did I put it? What is the correct file name? I thought I was smart when I scanned it. This led me to deeply...

How Long is a Lifetime?

We all have said the phrase “in my lifetime” especially when we were younger. Lifetimes always seem like an eternity. Where time is boundless and abundant. Excuses and delays are easily attached to doing something at some point in a lifetime. Tonight, I get to address a graduating class from the grammar school I graduated from 51 years ago. Their ceremony was postponed due to the...

We Are a Reflection of Our Travels

This past weekend, my wife and I had the joy of being with three different couples at different times. All close in our lives, where none of the couples knew each other. They all came from different walks of life. Different experiences. Different joys and sorrows. What I found interesting is that our conversations with each were different. While they all shared the intimacy of our friendship, the...

The See Saw & Sandbox

Not knowing what playgrounds are like today, I can only think back to my youth. How much I enjoyed the thrill of being high on a see saw and the joy of creating things with sand in a sandbox. Especially when the sand was wet. Today, I can’t help but think that a see saw is a great metaphor for a lot of what we are experiencing in life today. Where most discussions lead to the seats on a see...

The Secret of Focus

The concept of focus is often explained by our experience with photography. Whenever we try to take a picture we always worry about focus. Misleading by implying that focus is both easy and singular. Especially now that auto-focusing is a common feature. Focus in life is much different than in photography. While it always leads to a singular item, that item or focus could change throughout our...

Pushing Through

I can’t do this. Not today. Maybe tomorrow. It’s on my to do list. I will get to it. Someday, I would like to…… I know we need to do this. Maybe. Too busy. Not now. And so on…… Pushing through is a simple concept that we generally avoid. Deadlines force us to push through. Short of deadlines, we are never taught the skill of pushing through. What I recently...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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