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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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How Do You Come Across to Others?

Our approach, patience or lack of it, our insistence or tone of voice, maybe we talk too much and didn’t let the other person speak, our silence, our lack of participation or over participation and to just get to the result we wanted from the start, our lack of listening to things the other person thinks is important at the time ——- all affect how we are perceived and how...

Why I Choose Direction over Smart Goals

All of my life I have had difficulty embracing goals. Not that I am irresponsible. Nor because I never wanted to accomplish anything. Goals feel like they “tell the future” with too much certainty. A certainty that deceives those embracing the construction of their goals. So many times I’ve heard people talk about the need to have smart goals. Goals that are specific...

Solutions Are Never One-Sided

We problem-solve every day. Always working hard to provide solutions. We commonly approach problems as if they are one-sided. What I mean by this is that we look at problems as if they stand alone because they are “outside of ourselves”. As if they are a chair that simply needs a leg replaced. In doing this we fail, most times, to both understand and recognize there is an interface...

Timeless Classic: Deciding to See

[First published: June 2015] Deciding to see is one of the most difficult things we can do. Going beyond our daily distractions and inability to commit long periods of time to focus, deciding to see is an intentional act that we have a hard time accepting in our lives. When someone decides to see, they are willing to admit that they don’t know or they are not sure where they are or what the...

The Many Sides of Trust

Trust is like the air we breathe. Invisible to the eye. Vital for us to live. Without air, there would be no dreams, no accomplishments, no solutions, no family for we would be dead. Trust mirrors air almost identically. Without trust, there would be no accomplishments, few solutions, no family, no love, and no connection. While not causing physical death, the inability to trust greatly hinders...

Our Counter-Intuitive Ways to Add Speed To Our Lives

Often we hear of efficiency or productivity hacks. Was to get more done in a shorter amount of time. Why? Because there is so much to do. I am as guilty as you are for eternally searching for the best to-do list or the app that will help me do more in less time. As I have gotten older, it’s become apparent that to speed up your life, you need to slow it down. Isn’t that strange? Slow...

Optimism & Progress Are Linked – For Both Societies & Individuals

A regular reader and good friend sent me a link to a TED talk entitled “The Future Will Be Shaped by Optimists”. The talk is given by Kevin Kelly (July 2021) and is about 10 minutes long. I have embedded the video at the bottom of this blog for you to view. In it, Kevin defines optimism as believing in what is possible. Where in spite of the messiness of life, those that came before...

Recreating The Innocence of a Child as Adults

Can an adult ever return to experience the innocence of a child? To a moment of wonder? Awe? Curiosity? Anxious to learn more? Fascinated by little things that are different and new? As adults, we have already seen quite a bit. There is little that really surprises us. Our phones keep us current with continuous news from the world, our city, and our friends. Our movies, TV screens, and videos...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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