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Answers are simple to give. They don’t require much thought. We all feel we are experts in all areas unrelated to what we have studied or experienced. Especially when it comes to hearing another person’s plans.

100 answers appear readily when you ask others about the best way to get something done. 100 answers, while arbitrary in number, speaks to the volumes of opinions that are offered as executable truths.

When being asked to offer your advice, the most effective question you could ask is what are you trying to achieve? There no longer are 100 answers.

What becomes interesting is that you may end up with 100 answers for 20 different subtleties in what you want to achieve. If you want to ship a million packages in a year you will need a different size and type of organization than you will need to ship 100 packages in a year.

Don’t get fooled by asking others their answer to your problem for you will end up with 100 opinions disguised as answers. The difficult work is in trying to truly understand what you are trying to achieve and then deciding what resources you need¬†for the¬†answer you choose to pursue,

Once you get your arms around these two things, then you can ask others if they feel what you will do to get the outcome you want to achieve is possible and realistic. The 100 answers you first heard will now be overwhelmed with silence leaving only a few quiet voices who too have thought long and hard before sharing their perspective with you.

100 answers brings us the joy of superficially being connected. When we find the few quiet voices who may question you while trying to help you, you can be sure you have validated that what you are trying to achieve is both doable and has value.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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