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[100 – Your Age] Is an Important Number to Consider


Birthdays are a big part of our lives. From when we are very young. Celebrated with family and friends. It’s a marker that we have made it through another year. Reminding us regularly that we are getting older.

Longevity is discussed in many circles under the topics of advancements in science to better treat disease, education around nutrition and eating for better health, together with the many testimonies “shouting the benefits” of regular exercise and the necessity for vibrant relationships throughout our lives. While probability says we may not live until 100, there are many trends that point to the increasing possibility that we will.

What is missed when we focus on birthdays, is how long we have yet to live. It’s a very compelling exercise when you try it:

Age 20: 80 years yet to live

Age 40: 60 years yet to live

Age 60: 40 years yet to live

Age 70: 30 years yet to live

Even at age 70, you potentially have another 10,950 days left. If you are fortunate to be only 20 years old, you have 29,200 days left to live. This exercise then leads to the following question: What will you do with those days?

For while your birthday marks the days past, it is interesting to think about what will you do with the days you are still given? How many quilts can you make? Books can you read? People can you help? Flowers can you plant? Meals can you make? Persons can you forgive? Friends can you make?

While it is true that the days of our lives are a tapestry of good and bad mixed with struggle and celebration, they are all meant to be lived. Each stage in our lives with its own cadence as well as challenges.

We are never patient when we are 20 because we never consider the incredible amount of days we have yet to live. We become overly discouraged as we approach 70 as if there are no more days to be lived. Neither being accurate. Both beliefs being potentially limiting in what still may be possible.

[100-your age}. Simple math. An interesting formula that leads to a very different perspective on our lives when you take the time to consider the possibilities.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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