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A carefree life


No worries, no responsibilities, and no dilemmas. To the days and months ahead where stability, serenity, and a sense of calm will fill all of our remaining days.

This is missing today in our lives. We wish these days would soon appear.

It sounds so simple. We worked so hard to get there through our many years. It feels so good to dream how we are so deserving.

Yet waking up each day we find that life itself never really changes. Life is more variable than we think. Life never takes sides nor grades us as deserving. Life tends to surprise us at unforeseen moments.

It tends to mix good with bad together with some struggle at different points in our lives. Regardless of our age or circumstance. The same is true for our parents, children, friends and heroes.

Always remember, that life will never be that easy for any of us. Never.

It’s always harder than we thought. No one told us it would be this way. Surprises may appear as a minefield where some may prove very threatening. Uncertainty is life’s sword – provoking fear in our hearts each time that it is revealed.

What can anyone do?

Spend time building trust and sharing feelings. Strengthen your love for others by caring, by giving, and by being present in their lives. Do the best you can – always. Keep trying. Don’t give up. Today. Not tomorrow.

Be patient with others. Show tolerance and respect for none of us are always right.

Embrace your God with all of your strength and with every breath of your life. Hold Him close to your heart in good times and not only when times are bad. Be grateful for what He has given. It could always be worse. Of that I am certain.

Do these things every day while you are healthy. Never say you are too tired whenever or wherever you can make a difference.

For there will come a day when you and I may not be able. Sadly, this dream dies when we no longer are able.

The dream of a carefree life simply melts away. The drops never take any form as they slip through our fingers. Our bodies will someday begin to weaken. What’s left then will be only our frustration.

I have let this dream die while I am still healthy for I desperately fear the helplessness of this frustration when, I too, am no longer able.



Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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