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A Crisis of Clarity


Where do we find the silence in our lives to see clearly?

Far from the rush of our day, the beeping of our phones, and the seductive dance where believing someone’s point of view as truth is full of danger?

Can you tell when emails are rushed? When stories leave out too many details? Where someone’s explanation is so incomplete that it’s hard to follow what is being suggested or how what they describe can be accomplished?

Are someone’s words for you or to please their ego? Did the facts change to make themselves the victim or the hero?

The noise of life keeps us from understanding what was said and what is missing. Off to the next thing in our day for the glory of productivity.

What have we accomplished? Why don’t we stop to ask more questions before we proclaim that we understand? Where can we find the humility to admit that things aren’t adding up? The courage to keep searching before believing?

Where do we find the silence to sort through what we heard and wait for our heart to speak? How can we embrace time to weaken our emotions so that the logic of our brain can find our heart’s hand to walk together to a more thoughtful reflection of what is? What can be? What we want?

Our lives are being pushed by technology, more each day, into a fog and vortex where there truly is a crisis in clarity that weakens us more than we think.

Leaving us empty and shallow, disappointed and wanting, for years at a time. Stealing our chance to see that life has depth, substance, struggle, doubt, passion, connection and love that could enliven us if only we could find our silence to begin to see.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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