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A Life of Conversation


All of us enjoy conversation. It is a basic need of human life. Connecting our spirit intead of our bodies in ways only limited by our imagination. Carrying with it a range of emotions, information, opinions, and perspective. Sometimes sprinkled with questions, doubts, certainties or frustration.

Conversations sometimes are targeted to be helpful or fact finding. Other times, to rest and fill our souls with laughter. On occasion, to simply catch our tears by providing a pillow for comfort. Never static, always changing providing an affirmation of our humanity at its deepest level.

We don’t always pay attention to our conversations. Most times they simply happen. Influenced by our mood, the day we have just lived, or the issue that has been simmering deep in our mind.

Without conversation, our lives become isolated. Less interesting. More prone to mindless personal routines that blur our days into one.

Conversation makes us feel good much like water quenching a deep thirst. It affirms our presence in the world and humbles us when someone else is present to listen. Our lives gain value and energy through conversation as it builds deeper human connection without applause or fanfare.

Much more like a ping pong game rather than a train ride moving with force in one direction. Conversation powerfully affirms life at its core. Smoothing out the anxiousness within us by giving us the opportunity to reveal ourselves in an uneven yet authentic way.

Neither introverts nor extroverts carry the edge. Conversation magically appears for all.

Conversation provides us with one of the greatest blessings in life. For it gives us pause to reflect, relive, and explore everything not only within us but within others. Giving us the gift of a possible deeper understanding of who we are while exposing us to the many different dimensions of life that others carry with them. Opening the door to new possibilities for exploration that we never knew were there.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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