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Abandoning Our Humanity


I chuckle everytime I hear someone talk about someone else. Most times the conversation is around their strong opinions, demeanor, or lack of understanding. The fact that they are timid, quiet, noisy or bothersome. How they failed or messed up. That they didn’t listen or what they did is something you would not have done. How they are emotional or impulsive. And so on.

We all have been part of these conversations. What’s interesting is that we are bothered or complain about the things that make all of us human. Abandoning our humanity, by focusing on all of the inconsistencies and frailties in others that makes us human, is not constructive or helpful in building meaningful relationships.

All of us struggle with our insecurities, fears, and incomplete information when deciding things. Being emotional, impulsive or quiet is a big part of who we are as individuals. None of us are perfect. Yet who we are is always the hardest for us to see and the least talked about in our conversations.

Accepting people for who they are instead of who they are not, breaks us of this habit of abandoning our humanity. We are more alike than different. Yet we never remember this in many of our conversations about others.

Breaking the habit of abandoning our humanity when criticizing or talking about others cultivates a patience within us that allows us to be present in everything we do. We can create a new open space for us to learn from each other when this occurs.

While this sounds too idealistic, please think of the many times we sterotyped another person. Didn’t it change the way you interacted with them? What you believe is what you see. It’s just that no one points this out to us while we are doing this. It sabotages our opportunity to truly be present in everything we do.

Making our journey in life both wonderful and challenging at the same time.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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