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Abrupt Organizational Change


There are times in every organization, where things have to change. It occurs primarily for one reason: poor ongoing results. Either the organization wanders until its cash disappears and then dies or it makes an attempt to change things in some way to begin in a new direction.

To most people within an organization, change appears to always be abrupt. That it suddenly appears. It’s tough to accept and adapt because we enjoy stability and routine in our day. This abruptness is so true when you are outside of the conversation of those struggling with what new direction can be implemented to reverse poor ongoing results.

Responsible individuals within an organization face the difficult conversation of what and how to change. Change is hard and the changes to be made never entirely guarantee future success. For responsible individuals in this inner circle, change is never abrupt and in fact is top of mind during the months and possibly recent years of impending crisis.

For individuals who are victims of abrupt change (by their exit), tend to look for a recent event that triggered their exit from an organization. Given their many hours of hard work and good intentions, it is always hard for them to see how they may be to blame. In these cases, it is never one event but rather months and years of behavior that didn’t fit the organization’s needs at the time when things were degrading that led to the need for change.

For these individuals that are asked to exit, change is abrupt. It disrupts their lives because it was unexpected. For those not close to the inner workings of the situation, they too feel change as being abrupt. It’s only those in the inner circle of having intention as to the results they would like to see an organization that understand that change is not abrupt but rather the end result of a slow decline in results over time.

Life is never perfect nor always fair. Again, this is another example of how you see things depends on where you sit.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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