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Accepting Responsibility


Responsibility presents conflicts that never appear when it is not present.

Doing what is right versus what would be popular.

Navigating a situation from the middle while un-informed or selfish criticisms continue to be vocal from outside.

Creating progress versus the disappointments necessary for change.

Wanting to always be right versus living with outcomes that are sometimes less than perfect.

Putting an organization or family first above any personal needs you may have.

Doing things that are needed even when you don’t want to.

Accepting responsibility is when you are mature enough to continue working towards an objective or future without fanfare. When tired or discouraged. Knowing well that your efforts will cumulatively bring you closer to your objective for the good of others. Working together with those you are responsible for and work with to manage the complexity of life. In both good times and difficult ones.

Never easy, but grateful for those that choose to accept responsibility for the good of others. More scarce than plentiful. But very much needed. In all walks of our life.

For thanking someone who accepts responsibility becomes easier once we understand the difficulty that our leaders have in trying to please everyone. It is our own way of accepting responsibility when being led by others. Knowing well there will be times when we too may be disappointed as well and must accept that for the greater good of the group being led.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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