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Adjustments Are Always Necessary But Many Times Hidden


Many approach their lives in one of two ways. Either they stay the course, follow the same routine, and repeat everything over again the next day. Giving little regard to what occurred or how much progress we make in a direction. Enjoying their life without regard to a destination.

Or they react to the challenges and hardships they encounter during their day with frustration and emotion. Discouragement sets in. And then they try again in the same way. Hoping for luck. Looking for a break. Not understanding the role they play in their own journey.

In life, nothing is as easy at it looks nor is the path to accomplishment ever a straight line. This is what makes adjustments so powerful in changing our approach to reaching our dreams or fulfilling our responsibilities.

It’s hard to change who we are. So adjustments never come easily. They reman hidden to us not only because of our nature but are buried near our feet by not seeking nor considering any new information that can help us. Sadly, we cling to the stories we create to explain the world around us. Making our perceptions too rigid to adjust our next steps for more progress.

The curious seek out new information. They never totally trust what they think they know. The humble seek feedback to understand where they fell short and what they can do better. Responsible individuals always keep their goal in front of them. Reminding them when they fall short. Requiring reflection to see what to do differently the next time.

For the three, they look to their next step as an experiment. Not a silver bullet that will solve everything. Only to expand their learning by strengthening their ability to perceive if they are moving closer to their concept of success. And then doing it all over again. In the literature, there are many forms for describing learning loops. This is a generalization of their essence. Small iterative steps that lead to greater progress over time.

Reflection, new information, and feedback require your senses to be alive in the moment. Your presence needs to quiet your ego so that you can see how your thoughts, actions, and beliefs sometimes strangle your ability to move forward. Too many times I have seen both friends and colleagues cause themselves great frustration by not understanding their need to adjust to move past an obstacle that haunts them.

It happens to all of us. If change is the popular word for something different it always seems static, Change acts more like a noun than a verb. Adjustments are what we need to continue to propel us forward. No matter how many times the road zigs or zags. For time helps smooth out all of our rough edges as we continue to grow and evolve along the way. Repeatedly testing and learning our way towards progress. One day at a time.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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