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In life, most everything we set out to do involves creating some type of structure around it. Your hear often about getting from point a to point b. There is always a path. You hear a lot today about what your business model is. There are advertisements talk about how to plan for retirement.

Not only does nothing happen without your effort but you ALWAYS have to have a plan. Not waiting for something to happen.  There will always be surprises around your plan. Don’t panic. They are simply part of the process.

Where you arrive (your destination) will depend on what choices you make. No destination, no map. No map, no plan. When this happens, your end result will be to arrive at the same place where you started. Drifting like a raft in the ocean, having no idea where you will end up.

To have a “good start” you need to know where you are going. Not necessarily how you will get there. We never clearly know “all of the steps” to get there whenever we start anything. Your journey will unfold (how you will get there) after you start “somewhere” if you pay attention.

When we make our maps, you can’t depend on the map function on your smart phone. Nor can you rely on a friend to pick out your destination. Only you can do that.

The destination you pick may end up being something different then you first thought. This could disappoint you in the end. Or you may have misjudged the amount of effort, time, or money needed to get to your destination after you get started. All of this is ok, because it’s simply life.

The great thing is that after you draw your map, you can always revise it.

Drawing a map is a great opportunity for your mind to meet your heart. If you will listen and be willing to mark up your map (in a different way) after you first draw it.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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