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Are Stories Needed?


Storytelling has become a very popular theme in business. Every brand must tell a story. You must share that story and embellish it on social media. On a personal level, our stories try to explain where we find ourselves in our lives. They become so descriptive when they try to explain why we failed or why we were wronged.

But are stories really needed on a personal level? Why can’t we simply be who we are?

Why can’t we accept that random occurrences in our lives are just that, random? That our lives resemble more of a surfer riding the waves. Sometimes riding a wave cleanly through to its end and other times being crushed by its unexpected intensity.

We are never as good as we think nor are we as inept as life sometimes makes us feel. The helplessness that we feel when a loved one is sick and their outcome is uncertain is one of the most beneficial experiences you could have.

Where things are neither evident or within your control. Where our faith in God’s mercy and grace need to become the focus of all of our nervous energy.

You see sometimes in life, we aren’t in control. Unexpected things happen. What is difficult for us to see is that it’s not the story but it is the actor (ourselves) who play a much bigger part in all of our outcomes. That is why stories, on a personal level, aren’t important.

We the actors of our lives are. Learn to ride waves while seeking a destination. The ride will be both clean and messy. Enjoy all of it and your life will be fuller and your spirit much more peaceful along the way.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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