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Are We Worthy?


We silently ask ourselves this question many times during the day. Never hearing it directly, how could we miss such a simple question? While appearing simple, it is quite complicated in how we respond to it throughout our day. It plays an important role in our self-esteem.

Our simple answer is that we are worthy. This answer is so strong in our lives that we go to great lengths to prove it to ourselves daily. From all of the the material things we buy …. new car, the newest smartphone, trendy clothes, and designer jeans. Having these things proves to ourselves and others that we are worthy.

Our behavior towards others on a personal level or when working within an organization turns against us when we are trying to prove we are worthy at all costs. Our selfishness and insecurity to prove we are worthy leads us to bad behavior. Single minded and oblivious to any compromise, we over-exaggerate our worth to others to, once again, make ourselves feel good. We don’t listen because we are too busy trying to convince others that we are worthy.

This same question can limit us when we answer no to this question. That we aren’t worthy of success, status, position or wealth. That we aren’t worthy of the trip we dream of.

You see, the best answer to this question is to never ask it. To never dwell on what the answer might tell us. Rather we should be testing things in our lives and adjusting to what we see, watch how others react, and pay attention  so that we can adjust and move forward. For the length of our lives gives us the greatest opportunity to mold who we become, inch by inch and day by day.

Full of mistakes and stumbles, successes and failure. It’s the same for all of us. We become worthy by what we put into our lives and what we share with others. Others will tell us if we are worthy by accepting us for who we are or have become.

All of the hours and dollars spent to prove to ourselves we are worthy is time wasted.¬† Forget the question. You can be worthy of anything that your efforts, time, kindness & compassion yield. Let your life’s interests and work, as judged by others, determine if you are worthy. It is the best way to remain quietly confident yet humble allowing us to protect our own self-esteem through our long journey towards becoming who we are.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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