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As We Age, More Things in Life Reveal Themselves as Temporary


Clouds look massive in the air. Solid from afar. When we are younger, most things around us appear this same way. The people we interact with are the same for months – even years. Places we visit, and institutions we frequent have this same characteristic. The problems we encounter and fix seem permanent. There is a sense that “life will go on like this forever”.

But over a longer time horizon, say a decade or two things look much different. Our children are grown. We can no longer remember what we worried about 10 years ago. Rituals and routines somehow have changed. Some of the people we knew are no longer with us. Those in leadership roles have moved on. Getting older brings all of this into focus. Clouds remind us of this by how quickly they change.

Our interests have changed. We don’t look the same as we did back then. Maybe we have moved or changed jobs. Left a hurtful relationship or are now in an engaging one that is exciting while peaceful. These types of changes are more personal and intentional. They don’t feel as temporary because they were initiated by us directly.

The temporary nature of life most reveals itself with things “outside of us”. The places we visit or work at have changed in some ways. New leadership is now active. What was important no longer is. New ideas, things we thought impossible, are the day’s common threads. Things begin to seem strange to us. We feel we don’t quite fit in as well as we used to.

We hear less today about “the good old days” because so many things keep changing. Now we more easily accept the increasing pace of change in our lives. Change that is out of our control. The difficulty arises as we age, trying to keep up with being young by changing while figuring out whether things are better or just different.

When we conclude that things are different but not necessarily better, we collide with how temporary things are around us today. Revealing to us how fragile life is and everything around us. From routines to family events to the organizations we participate in.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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