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Batter Up


It’s baseball season. Batter up occurs throughout the game. No half time or intermissions. Just a steady flow of batters, one right afer another. For either team. No matter the score – good or bad.

Life is a lot like baseball. There is always a next challenge, obstacle, or disappointment to be faced. We become the perpetual batter in our lives. Stepping up to the plate, with each day, hour, project, obstacle or challenge. Batters can never hide from a pitcher. Neither can we.

Even when we finish something, a new thing comes into focus for us to do. Most times involving more work. Stepping up to the plate because its our responsibility. Other times because we simply want to.

What we did yesterday is always gone. What we choose to do next is now what is most important.

Remember batter up. It’s simply our call to life. For everything we face, there is always a chance for a home run even though at times we may strike out. Playing the game, with either outcome, is always where we create meaning in everything we do.

Where finding the joy in each day, is worth the struggle.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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