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Becoming aware


The day turns into the night. We are then awakened by the morning bright sun. This off/on switch works every day of our life. As we grow and age, our days are filled with many moments that involve things that we know or don’t know. They are also filled with things that we fear.

But is our knowledge simply another off/on phenomenon? One day we know nothing and the next day all has changed?

During our school days, I could argue that, at times, this might be true. But what about all of our adult life following school?

Our knowledge never grows or develops from ignorance. Becoming aware, with respect to anything, is the point of conception for improving ourselves, growing and evolving as a person.

Becoming aware can be a difficult thing in our life. We may need to be curious and develop the capacity of being habitually curious. Other times, we get feedback that really gets us down because it is so negative. After our emotions subside, we begin to see what someone was trying to tell us.

We want to accomplish something and begin to think about what we need, in terms of skills or resources, to accomplish it. Setting a goal can make us aware of gaps in our knowledge.

Sometimes, we need to be pushed into an ice bath of different thinking, strange ideas, and foreign geography to begin to become aware.

Other times we might stumble upon a website, a blog, or a You Tube video that catches our interest about something we didn’t know or didn’t know it existed. Where our perception of something changes once we learn of its potential value to us.

We could easily meet a person whose interests are different than ours. What they are involved in is all new to us. There are many ways to become aware.

Becoming aware then demands that we find that subconscious link. Finding that small (or big) similarity that could be helpful in our current situation.

Life is never a straight line. Nor is the gaining of new knowledge. There are many ways to become aware. Don’t be cheated. Make becoming aware an incredible habit in your life for it can be the beginning of hope and newness that the morning sun brings to our tired eyes.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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