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Our laughter? Is it the fear of showing others what you don’t know? Do we fear showing others how much we hurt? Are we just trying to fit in even when we don’t feel comfortable? How many times do we display our laughter as being uncontrollable when deep inside we know that this is not true?

The loudness of our voice? How insecure we really are? How weak we are to admit to others our weaknesses? To hide the fact that we don’t believe we have the skills to adjust, accommodate, learn and change — using our voice to intimidate others to bend to our point of view?

Our tears? Our regret for not doing things different before? For now understanding how much we were part of the bad situation we are in today? Sharing our selfishness with others for how much we wanted so much more from what we lost and no longer have?

Being certain? That it’s much easier than trying to figure out what we don’t know? Here to, are we so insecure that we can’t see how imperfect our knowledge and understanding is and decide that we never want to be open to the possibility that we are wrong or that there is another way?

Our indecision? The fear of hurting one person or another? Of taking sides? Of having something we know end to open the door to the fear of not knowing what lies ahead? Not understanding that so much that we are involved in today is only temporary and will change with or without us (in the end)? Never considering that our indecision is simply a sign of our confusion that we must first “sort through” in order to decide what will be best for us in the end?

Our vanity? Not believing who we truly are is worthwhile and attractive to those around you? For artificially needing to meet a standard as if standards is what, in life, makes you free? For not understanding that who we truly are, always, can be seen by others from afar regardless of your choice of clothes, style, and all material possessions?

Behind these questions lies the strength of humility that takes a lifetime to understand and achieve. Telling us, in subtle but deep ways, that life’s outward appearances must always be tempered with the patience of understanding that they contain many layers of possibility, all of which lead to the beauty, variety and depth we call life.



Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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