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Being Curious Enough To Ask Questions


A curious mind is always restless. Never content with what is in front of them. Always looking for the next door to lead them to more.

Questions are its primary tool. For not only do the curious understand that there is always new things to learn from everyone they meet. But they sense where their knowledge ends before fully understanding what might be revealed with the next answer they hear.

Curiosity is never interested in defending one’s ego. Waiting to catch someone with an “I don’t know” answer. Or hiding behind more knowledge than is revealed in order to say the other person is wrong.

Nor is it always on a journey to solve our next problem. Rather it is an experience to discover what more others know in areas we know little about. Collecting each nugget of new knowledge for an unkown new day when needed in the future.

The questions born of curiosity show great respect for those we meet. No matter their life circumstance or training. For each of us keenly understand things that interest us. Albeit different than what we choose to spend time on.

Never judging, in the moment, new information’s value. Always searching for new perspectives to use as tools to determine our own. For our realities, world views, knowledge and beliefs evolve from incomplete canvases to puzzle pieces that fit together with less missing.

Giving us the joy of our next question, collecting puzzle pieces we can use, when necessary and relevant, for what we are faced with someday.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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