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Being Generous With Our Time


This title feels strange when compared to our calendars filled with activities, meetings, deadlines, and commitments. The mere thought of considering generosity with respect to our time seems absurd.

Being generous though, does not demand us to give up hours of our time. What it does demand is our presence when interacting with someone. It may be for only a minute or 10 minutes.

Being generous requires us to have no expectations of the outcome for ourselves. This is a must. For if we had any self-interest in an interaction with another person, we would have already scheduled this on our calendar.

Our gift of attention drives this interaction. Its impact may be felt more by the other person than ourselves. What we discuss and discover in our few minutes together may surprise us or may provide valuable help or re-assurance to the other person that desperately needs these gifts.

Feeling good about ourselves is as or more important than being simply a slave to results that only benefit us. Being generous with our time can provide that “feel good” feeling. Especially when our calendars are already full.

So don’t live a selfish life. Being generous with your time can provide you, both with a period of rest as well simple accomplishment, Where human connection can bring a new energy into your life that is meant to be multiplied.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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