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Being indecisive


People who have a hard time making decisions frustrate those that can easily decide something. The unfair thing when dealing with a person who is indecisive is having the expectation that the other person will be decisive when the facts are clear. The indecisive person will not change and decide. They will continue to be who they are. And, the decisive person gets frustrated while the indecisive person continues to stumble through life.

This is much different than dealing with a person who slowly works through issues before deciding what point of view they will fight for. In this case, you have a person who will listen to conflicting information openly. This type of person is confident in their abilities and comfortable within ambiguity or uncertainty.

Then there is the person that looks indecisive because they fear exposing their point of view because they cling to a perspective that is in the minority. More introverted, they simply sit on the sidelines believing what they do without accepting any information or feedback that might modify their position. While they have a strong point of view they rarely share it openly.

More common, are those that simply fear the emotion that is involved in making a decision between two different options. Especially when they feel comfortable with where they are or who they work with and are challenged to choose a different option that makes them uncomfortable in the short term. Leaving a job they know to look for a new job that has the potential to pay them more money but that involves learning a whole new routine and working with new people. Or having to fire someone that they have known a long time.

A more subtle phenomenon that causes us to cling to our weak point of view is when we listen and look at data and only choose to focus on the data or stories that support our weak point of view. Most of what we hear or see should convince us to go in a different direction but we don’t pay any attention to this. We get trapped in something that is called a confirmation bias making us appear indecisive to another person who more logically accepts the stories and data that lead to a different point of view.

Do you see yourself in any of these paragraphs? How much, of the many opportunities each of us has in life are you missing, because of who you are? Today would be a good day to make a small change for the better. I know each one of us can.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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