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Being Scared


It’s a feeling we take for granted when suggesting to someone else that they should try something new. The change or the different thing we are proposing that someone try, is of course, for their own good. To make them better or unstuck. To help them change direction.

If it is good for someone, then why would they be scared?

I was reminded of being scared today while going to a professional photographer to get my picture taken to update my social media accounts. I felt scared because it really is not me. I believe I don’t take good pictures. And I shy away from self-promotion.

Yet it was suggested to me as something that would be good for me to do. Especially since I write a blog and am the owner of a small business that has a successful e-commerce site and has a good wholesale business.

Yet I was still scared. How will my picture turn out? Is this the way I look when seeing my picture? I don’t like to see myself in pictures because I don’t look good in them. And on and on and on…………

In the end, I know this will be good. It just takes some getting used to. As with all things in life, we have to leave our comfortable world and become uncomfortable and a little scared when we commit to pursuing a different future than the present life we are leading now.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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