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Travelling on Flat Land


There are always sections of a car route when travelling out of state, where we go through areas of flat land. Possibly seeing crops. Definitely driving through a landscape that seemingly never changes.

Many days of our life, we too encounter flat land. Where not only does nothing seem to change but, more importantly, neither surprises or challenges appear to focus us.

What is challenging is keeping to your course when on flat land. Finishing things on your list that you decided to do. Without prompting from the outside world. Especially for the creator, flat land never is interesting.

Our minds wander while travelling on flat land. Much like the quest to meditate, where our undisciplined mind jumps from random thought to thought without much coherence. Flat land is where our adrenalin hides while our laziness sets in.

Do we always need to be pushed for us to focus? Our energy dissipates quickly without challenge. The grit and persistence within our soul never is needed when we encounter flat land.

While simplicity in our lives is what we aspire to, why is it so hard to focus when the flat land we encounter never gives us the gift of distractions, challenges & obstacles? Creating the enemy we need to focus, be creative and to act.

Be forwarned. Beware of flat land. It’s deceptively an enemy rather than a friend.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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