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Beyond the Front Row: Embracing the Journey Toward Our Life’s Outcomes


Front row seats are considered special and often come at an extra cost. They signify seriousness in classrooms or provide proximity to players and action in sports.

Being first in line or getting the best position offers excitement, but it can be deceiving. Life isn’t just about being in the front; it’s about actively participating and creating meaningful experiences.

Those involved in big events, whether preparing or participating, have great passion and excitement. They possess an advantage over us: working towards an outcome they are excited about while believing in its goodness.

In life, we can never be certain of the outcome in advance. We tend to be overconfident in our abilities to achieve success and lack patience for things to unfold. Our outcomes may not always be positive, and even when they are, they often take time to materialize.

Life’s outcomes can be fragile, temporary, and fleeting. This should never discourage us from trying. For it is in the struggle and effort to achieve, where surprisingly we can find great meaning, satisfaction, and growth.

To achieve desired outcomes, we must fill our minutes and days with effort, dialogue, and connections. We need to balance our selfish interests with our responsibilities, making wise choices. It requires courage and faith to pursue our goals while staying on the right path. We understand that our focus should be on our efforts rather than thirsting for immediate results.

We hope that someone will notice and appreciate our efforts from a front row seat. That is our human nature. It’s only natural to feel this way. But we must remain humble, acknowledging that life is challenging, while grateful we’ve been given the opportunity to continue to try by a higher power.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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