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Birthdays are a happy time. We are taught that as children. Birthday cake, candles, and presents fill our special day. Birthdays are celebrated with those closest to us, sometimes celebrating for an entire week.

Birthdays are a unique holiday in that we easily remember that date each year during our many years. We aren’t very good at tracking time though. Especially when it involves months and years. But what do birthdays really mean?

Birthdays reminds us of the gift of time just passed and gives us the opportunity to hope for our next year’s time to enjoy. As you age, birthdays remind us that we are no longer as young as we think we are.

Celebrating birthdays is so great. What we forget while celebrating is to remember that what we do with each day between our birthdays is what truly is more important. For those are the days that go fast, never to return nor able to be reused.

Happy Birthday on your special day. Remember to look back to see what you have completed and look forward to beginning things you want to accomplish tomorrow.

It’s the days in between your birthday that matter the most. (Don’t forget this while celebrating.)

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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