Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring?


I deeply enjoy being a student of life. Fascinated by its fluidity, amazed at its possibility, and humbled by the ways it tests you during times of struggle. Realizing, later in life, that I am not always as good as I think and that all of us are flawed in some way.

I tend to see and sense things more deeply than others. It’s one of my few strengths. During those moments in life, where we come in contact with both ourselves and others.

There is a sadness, inside of me, in seeing so many who are not very self-aware. Who naively believe that the outcomes of their life experiences are the result of others or situations where they believe they had no impact in changing.

It’s within the many small interactions, that our lives get built. Without reflection, it’s hard to improve them. This is why self-awareness is so important in personal growth. I believe the potential does exist to develop self-awareness and build the reflective muscles inside of us that can help improve our daily lives. But how?

By turning our focus away from sweeping generalizations and constant distraction to see the bits of life missed that can teach us plenty. Where looking closely at smaller things can expand the understanding of our own humanity and those of others. Giving us the power to adjust and change step by step towards a better tomorrow.

Life truly is a journey that is more fun when it is shared.

It would be an honor to have you join me.

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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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