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A most powerful emotion that is so detrimental to us individually. Detrimental in that bitterness never touches the other person. Its rage destroys our ability to either forgive or move on. Hour by hour, reliving the past, its intensity increases over time.

The intensity of bitterness is the direct opposite of how well we see ourselves and the roles we play in our lives. The less we are self-aware, the more bitter we become feeling that what is wrong in our life was solely caused by others.

To live our lives, we continually interact with something or someone in our lives throughout each day. Our lives are two sided not one sided. There is always an element of our participation through our actions or non-action that always contributes to the many outcomes in our life.

Short of a tragic accident, most everything else and how things evolve in our lives depend in part on us. Sometimes there is a good fit between our lives and where we participate each day and other times there is not. Knowing this degree of fit requires a great deal of self-awareness to understand how to make adjustments to survive so we minimize the chance to consider ourselves a victim for bitterness to dance on.

Bitterness. More corrosive and blinding than even simple anger.

Don’t get caught in its web for it is very hard to get out. And the only person you are going to hurt is yourself.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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