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Breaking Boundaries: The Power of Self-Awareness in Personal Growth


Self-awareness is a rare character trait. Certainly, none of us have it across all dimensions of our (supposed) skills. All of us have some blind spots. Things we are not aware of about ourselves.

Contrast this with our dreams having no boundaries and where our aspirations have no limits. We foolishly believe that our abilities are more than sufficient to realize them. When in truth, most times, they are not.

Finding self-made boundaries that trap us from pushing through rarely comes from inside. We describe them as our blind spots for we neither see nor understand how they trap us. You need new voices or outside perspectives to begin making us aware of this type of boundary that manifests itself as weakness or doubt as to our ability to go forward.

Finding the boundaries within us is a lifelong journey, filled with iterations. Who we are today is much different than who we were ten years ago. Our limitations & boundaries change and evolve much like we do. New ones crop up as both we and our circumstances change even though we moved past our old ones.

Many of our frustrations are fueled by who we are and are not. They have less to do with outside causes or people. Bringing us back to the need for greater self-awareness.

Understanding and working to get past a boundary within us, is a more powerful lever to positive change than simply thinking “outside the box”. No amount of money, resources, or time can deliver the power that understanding our boundaries and becoming motivated to work past them can generate.

It’s as simple and hard as beginning to chip away, soften, and change their essence. The silent fear that was fed by a boundary within us weakens. What we thought we could not do turns into things we are willing to try once we understand our limitations and boundaries and work past them.

Transforming us into lifelong learners and providing us with a journey through life that both surprises as well as enriches the lives of everyone around us as we continue to grow.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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