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Brevity Is A Two-Edged Sword


Lightning appears for such a brief time. From afar it looks so powerful. But as quickly as it appears, it disappears never to be seen again. Brevity is an inherent characteristic of lightning.

Texting and social media posts are good examples of brevity in today’s modern world. We constantly swipe up and down in our social media accounts and browse the titles of the many emails we receive. We watch 30-second videos on our phones. Checking for new ones many times throughout the day. Our texting and social media feeds seem so convincing yet quickly disappear, making room for the next one in our feed, just like lightning.

Getting to the point. Using fewer words in a paragraph. Keeping meetings to 20 minutes instead of 60 minutes are all things to be admired. Why of course we are busy. No time to explore or debate what we read or hear. Making brevity a strength rather than a weakness.

What happens though when brevity clouds our judgment? Where we cling to the snippet we saw, read, or heard in our busy world of texting and swiping? They all seem so strong in their tone, statement, and pictures. This implied strength causes us to lose our ability to patiently listen, question, and explore thoughts or ideas that are incomplete or imperfect. We practice it much more infrequently because our phones are so convincing.

Instead of questioning what we do not know, quickly we use a small brief snippet to convince ourselves what we do know. No need to go any further. This answer or belief we cling to has to be all there is to know because we saw it in our social media feed. Making us more rushed and less effective in understanding anything more deeply.

Nuance is reduced to a historical relic that plays less of a role in forming our judgments in the world we live in today. Making our thinking less balanced and more influenced by the random things we see on our phones. Leaving us with less need for respectful debate, conversation, or exploration of alternate possibilities or points of view.

Sharing thoughts and ideas can be so powerful. But it takes practice, patience, and effort to bring this power to life. Unfortunately, I see less interest in these types of conversations. Making the world around us more fragile, less patient, and innocently more biased.

Created in large part, by the phones we carry, and the irresistible attraction to never put them down.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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