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Never an easy emotion to overcome. Our dreams are broken. Our spirit is broken. Relationships or our work is broken. Why are we the last to see the effect of being broken?

What’s funny about life, is we never feel that we change. Yes, we can feel when were frustrated, angry, or happy. But we can never see when our thinking becomes more biased, jaded or when we give short answers to others. Where one day we could be fine and the next day very edgy. Where our spirit has withdrawn from our life leaving us deflated, weak, frustrated and sad.

Damaged human connections multiply around us when we are broken. Further weakening us as we hide, not trust, and insist that we are both right and ok. Never understanding this disconnect while only feeling its loneliness.

It’s always someone else, who with courage, confronts us with a different picture of who we are versus who we thought ourselves to be.

Broken. A word that is as hard and sharp as the glass you try to pick up that’s in pieces.

How can one overcome being broken?

The challenge is in trying to figure out what is true when looking in the mirror. Who are you now? Who have you become because your heart, spirit, and soul is broken? What have others noticed that I cannot see?

Outbursts, silence, self-pity, denial and withdrawal. Is that really me? What have I become? Who am I now? What did I lose of myself along the way?

What is the first thing you can do when broken? Finding quiet, trying to relax if only for just an hour. Feeling your breath. Letting your mind wander. Finding the sun in the blue sky and being glad. Helping you realize that you are present, safe and ok. That in this moment, nothing can break you any further. And then repeating these same steps the next day until you begin to believe that all this is true.

Together with good friends and honest feedback, we then need the courage to find our way out. By changing our routine. By meeting different people. Or simply by doing something new. Eliminate negativity and selfishly seek positivity.

You have much to offer on this new day. The challenge is in believing it.

Stop being busy. For all you are doing is running to hide what causes you pain. Look for joy in the next smile you see. Appreciate everything that is around you. Begin, once again, to be generous in sharing your smile and heart with others. Believing in and trusting others will help nurture a much stronger belief within you. Uncovering a balance and an authenticity that is at the core of who you really are and what you truly enjoy. Only then will you begin to see the better image you so desperately seek in your own mirror.

Apologize to those closest to you for being mad at what they said and for the odd behavior they saw in you when all you were was angry. Thank them for being patient and there for you. With humility, tell them how much you now realize how wrong you have been for not understanding the impact of your behavior due to deep pain.

For only now do you realize that it’s not others who didn’t understand, but rather it was you who denied any possibility in the existence of the truths they shared with love to help you see.

We all have been broken at some point during our lives. Many times, walking through each of our busy days without even realizing it. Thank God for good friends or concerned co-workers who care enough to tell us what we don’t want to hear. Telling us, again & again, about a more accurate image in the reflection in our mirror that only they can see.

Quit feeling sorry for yourself in order to begin building brighter days. Our mind traps us with imagined pity. Be free because you are free. To choose, act, and think differently to find the person you truly are and can be.

For being broken is only temporary. But first the hard part. You must believe this in order for it to be true.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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