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By myself


The last couple of weeks we have been very busy at work. This did not leave me a lot of time to connect with other people that I enjoy being with. There is little time to spend on the volunteer work I do for our Church school.

What’s interesting about this time in isolation (as I call it) is that there is little that is new or different in my life right now. Sometimes interacting with others, for me, becomes a distraction that is a welcome rest from the the day to day.

Other times, when being with others, things surprise me. I learn new things or sometimes am fascinated with the way our discussions go. Both positively and negatively.

During this extreme time for work, things that I need to do are not getting done. Exercise. Rest. While not very good at doing things around the house, the little things I can do and am asked to do get put off until later.

I find that having diversity in my life is empowering. Engagement with others provides the fuel to go deeper into conversation and the patience to appreciate the human side of life with all of its imperfection.

In a small business you are alone (as I have been). I have always been impatient with routine  but never understood that random disturbances in a day are also not very effective. Both born out of habit and misunderstood out of ignorance.

By myself I have found I could achieve little. As a person, as a business person, as a spouse, or as a friend. It is only through connection and engagement with others, in a sincere and humble way, that I am beginning to find myself, improve my business, learn at a much faster rate and enjoy so much more of life and all that it has to give.

By myself, I was much weaker than I knew.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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