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Our canvas of time


There is a misperception that time is our enemy. That there is never enough of it. That we have to fit more into the next hour. That weeks, months, and years pass quickly, cheating of us experiencing even more because they go by so fast.

Time can be our ally in so many ways. Time fills in for us the colors and the hues in our line drawings that we work so hard to create each day of our lives. Time changes our line drawings, for the shapes we drew didn’t fit or just weren’t right.

Busily we keep moving, sketching the next piece of our life’s work, on our canvas of time, as a first outline of what we are trying to create or become.

As an ally, time reveals so much to us if we pay attention. Where did our choices and direction take us? Did our line drawing match the pattern of colors and subtle hues that life filled in for us as time passed?

Did our drawing’s shape remain or did life change its form into something different that fit better? Or did our line drawing get crushed under the weight of life’s other demands that were more real?

Time works well, in healing the hurt inside of our heart, allowing us the opportunity to begin to express this hurt to others, without fear, trying to make sense of where we have been and where we need to go.

Time reveals whether opinions heard or ideas boasted take traction, have meaning, and truly match the reality we see or become the future that was promised.

Time pushes us into contemplation that the words we heard, that either made us mad or had little value at the time, are hiding something truly of value that we need to step back from our ego to better understand.

Time harshly tells us when we have failed, when our choices have been poor and our efforts misguided.

Time does mislead us, during our moments of success, because we imperfectly view them as much larger than they are and more permanent than they will ever be.

Time gives each of us the content we desperately need in our lives to reflect. Time also gives us the opportunity to change and create again if we choose to try.

I find that many don’t choose to stop and appreciate time for what it is. An ally and a friend that never lies to us, when we take the time to step back to see where we have been, what we started to draw, and how life filled in the colors of everything we do and changed the shapes of what we first thought would be.

Time is a great teacher. Most call it experience.

Time is our greatest friend. For, most times, it always gives us the opportunity to try again.

Each one of us is given this canvas of time. Our line drawings are created with hope, excitement, and certainty. We need to pay more attention to how they change and get filed in by life, allowing us the many opportunities to reflect, adjust, forgive, and ultimately engage with everyone and everything around us that we value.

Our canvas of time is ours to create. We shouldn’t be deceived by how quickly time passes but rather focus more on what it can reveal.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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