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Challenging an Idea


It’s common for us to challenge someone’s idea. This may be born out of curiosity, deep thinking, fear, or ego. The challenge is sometimes presented to seek clarity. Other times it is posed to create an obstruction.

What is fascinating about this, are the many nuances that this simple phrase of “challenging an idea” can take. The person sounding out the challenge may or may not be aware of their motive.

Listening to a challenge may cause us to stop communicating because we become angry and fearful of the other person. Or, we may be open and inquisitive to try to understand better why the challenge may have merit.

You see, the receiver of a challenge may respond as well out of curiosity, deep thinking, fear or ego. As a receiver of a challenge you may seek clarity or work to create an obstruction.

Quickly you come to the realization that we are more similar than different in many respects. Yet life continues to be a challenge for us daily because of our inability to be both more self-aware as well as present in every conversation we encounter.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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