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Chipping Away


No solution that I have encountered that was of value ever appeared complete unannounced. Those that did were always imperfect and incomplete.

I have found chipping away at finding a solution is the most effective way to get to solutions that have value. Sometimes it takes a week. Other times months or even years.

When you chip away, you give yourself the time to learn more about the problem you are trying to solve. A lot of times the problem you need to solve is not the first one you think you have to solve. Chipping away helps you, for as you learn more while seeking a solution things become clearer. Your questions become better and your intuition stronger.

Chipping away can be hard work and filled with dead ends. I find that it takes time to figure out not only where to search but who to ask. The terms you use may be wrong at first so there is a component of learning around your search that is critical to gaining traction.

Sometimes the unlock you have been looking for will come from surprising places. Chipping away is a little bit like connecting the dots. You work on four different related things and when you discover a fifth that is important, three of the previous dots can now be connected.

Fast. Everything around us we are told needs to be fast. This only becomes important after you have solved a problem and now want to make it into a repeatable process that can be executed flawlessly over and over.

Fast doesn’t work with solving problems of substance. Ones that would clearly make a difference in your life or at work. Chipping away should become your primary tool of choice with these types of problems, understanding well its the learning around chipping away that bring you the focus to see when a solution offered will be most effective.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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