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Our Christmas Ritual


If ever there was a holiday that tested our organizational skills as well as our personal productivity, it would be Christmas. Santa has the easy job of only checking his list twice. Ours has become so complicated by not only who should be on our list but by what do we think that they would like and then trying to decide where to go first to find it.

Much can be learned about ourselves from this ritual that we practice yearly. We quickly find that we cannot please everyone with a gift so, as we get older, we tend to make our lists a little bit smaller.

We quickly find out that we are not as organized as we think. The stores are so spread out that it seems like we are going back and forth over a period of a couple of weeks.

Our memory sometimes fails us either in where we put the early gift we bought and cannot find or quickly during the day of Christmas we realize we forgot someone.

We tend to get anxious or nervous as the day approaches, seeing time as our enemy, without realizing it is “we” who aren’t quite as good as we think.

Funny isn’t it that it is all about creating the warmth and feeling of the holiday that we felt when we were younger, never giving any thought to how poorly we may have performed and forgetting to consider how we might change and improve as we enter the new year.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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