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Circular Discussions Need Options


We have all experienced circular discussions. Where ideas are shared with no choice  or action plan ever made. With everyone re-stating their own point of view over and over. Where no questions are ever asked. Even between friends, they occur as well. When the same conversations occur multiple times over many days about what should be done about something with no decision ever reached.

What I have found helpful to break these types of dead-end discussions is to focus time on developing options. Taking the different points of view heard and putting them into two to four distinct possible courses of action.

The key to creating options is that you need to create at least one more than what are the obvious choices. This will prevent you from not thinking deeply about the possibilities and may help you create a more solid and viable option than any that are, at first, obvious. (It will also become a catalyst for more honest discussion when brought back to the group.)

Then bringing these options back to the group and discussing them. It is a great tool to move past individual perspectives and force people to consider other possibilities that are not their own.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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