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In most situations, conflict is bad. Most of us would agree. But there is a specific time when conflict could be helpful.

This happens when there are two different views of the world, one that is common and one that is different. Think of one person who has done something a certain way and then a second person comes along with no experience or knowledge and sees things that can be improved upon. (This is just one example of many. It happens to each of us all of the time.)

When they meet, their discussion most likely will involve some type of conflict.The new person works hard to justify what they see and believe.We fight this (therefore there is conflict) because we don’t want to hear anything new, we might feel that we know better what is right to do, or simply we have no trust in the person because of their inexperience or lack of knowledge.

Be careful when you find yourself behaving this way towards others who share ideas that are different than yours. This type of conflict, when it occurs, is very helpful in both learning new things but more importantly in expanding the universe around us.

Ideas don’t always fit who we are or our situation. We will never know until we take the time to first understand them. To take time to reflect on what is being said.

And this only will occur when the conflict subsides. When there is quiet both around us as well as inside.(Wait a few days before you tell me if you agree.)

(Don’t forget, the more rigid and set our thinking becomes, the fewer opportunities we will have to grow and see new things as well.)

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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