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Confronting Our Own Laziness


Many times we easily describe someone as being lazy. We have all done it. It’s easy to spot from afar. What is less common to see and describe is becoming aware when we become lazy.

Like a spider, weaving its web, our level of activity drops just a bit every few weeks. We put off what we need to do for tomorrow. We create believable reasons to not do something today. Binge-watching a TV show is infinitely more tempting. Or we convince ourselves we are tired and simply stop when, in reality, we could go further if we tried.

Activity is what makes life more interesting and full of youth. As we age, our stamina decreases, and our inclination to settle for less creeps into our lives. Keeping the mind active and interested in life by continuing to encounter new things becomes necessary to hold onto our youth for as long as we can.

We often read that we need to be physically active as we age. What is not written enough about is to make the most of each of our days. Before illness strikes. Before life presents us with situations that will consume us because they lack a clear path to a resolution.

As I get older, the habit of settling for less and doing less becomes louder in my head. It is a noise that bothers me, for even today, there still is so much that I want to do.

Lazyness can be a silent killer. More than high blood pressure. Our humanity and its beauty become cloudy and dull when laziness creeps into our lives.

Don’t strive for an 18-hour day. What is worth striving for is doing something in your next hour that will add value to either your own life or to someone around you. Your continued youth depends on it.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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