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Confronting Ourselves: The Challenging Journey of Self-Discovery and Change


Our most difficult work involves focusing on ourselves. Seeing ourselves for who we are and who we are not. When we realize the need to change something within ourselves and attempt to do it. Or when we want to learn more about ourselves to grow and evolve into something better than the person we are today. Or when things around us aren’t getting us to where we want to go and we are lost as a person.

Exploring who we are and who we are not takes a lot of hard work. To listen and observe how we react to situations and then begin to understand how our tendencies get us in trouble. Needing to find the first small thing to change and work on. Or when we dream of getting to place “y”, to assess what we don’t know and begin finding ways to learn new things.

Seeing ourselves is so difficult. Searching in a mirror to find our weaknesses and flaws that hide behind our ego’s self-serving joy is never easy. We often say “They should do this” or “We should do that”. We are quick to fill in the blanks to solve another person’s problems without ever making ourselves accountable.

Accepting that looking inside of ourselves and then working to change and grow is the most difficult work you can do is the first step to a more fulfilled life.

Our life will have fewer regrets when we understand that everything we experience (good and bad) begins with who we are and who we are not. Then all we need is the interest, wisdom, and patience to know we must change to reveal new and different outcomes in our lives.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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