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Confusing Nouns As If They Were Verbs


As a child, we learn at an early age about nouns and verbs. How and when to use them in a sentence. Over time, we build our grammar skills into a magical ability to communicate our thoughts to others.

As adults, we tend to blur the distinction between nouns and verbs. We use nouns to act as verbs more times than we think.

What do I mean by this? Leadership is a very subjective topic where everyone has a slightly different definition when asked. Many talk about strong or weak leadership in organizations as if it is a verb.

To lead is to be active in your collaboration with others. Leadership does not exist nor can be present without behaviors that lead to outcomes we generally accept as “markers” of leadership.

Goals are misunderstood. When we say we have goals, they imply we are doing things to achieve them. (As if goals were a verb when the word goal is not.)

Love falls the same way. We talk of being in love as if we understand what it takes to love.

Listen carefully to others when they use words which are nouns, as verbs.

My experience tells me that little is being done to make things happen when nouns are confused as if they are verbs. Nothing.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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