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The confusion of Christmas


A child was born into a family of little means. His humble entry into this world was simple, quiet, and blessed. Today, He is and continues to be known throughout the world from generation to generation.

Christmas is the only holiday I know where so many celebrate it around the world. We were first introduced to Christmas through the innocence of our childhood. Not so much for who was born on this day but rather feeling the warmth, love of family and connectedness while opening our gifts from Santa Claus.

As we grow older we somehow trade places quickly becoming responsible for creating the warmth and connection for Christmas. What becomes confusing for me is that we all experience the same holiday but as we grow older the expression and meaning we attach to the holiday changes.

For some, it becomes a season of joy in decorating their houses. For others, it’s endless hours in stores looking for the perfect gift. Bakers rejoice for the holiday provides them an opportunity to show off their talent. The need to connect motivates others to schedule endless dinners and go to party after party enjoying the warmth of the season.

For a few it may mean fasting and Church. Store owners become exuberant because their sales go up for a few weeks. Some become trapped and distant, consumed by their loneliness that is amplified by all of the things we describe as being a part of Christmas.

Christmas packs so much into so little time. Work, kids, shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, calling, sending……..

The fact that we are so busy must explain why we forget to spend any time reflecting on the child that was born in the manger. Why He was here. The impact He had (and should continue to have) on all of our lives. His example and His stories trying to teach us how to live and how to act.

His importance in our lives ironically is never expressed with the same intensity that we celebrate the day of His birth. Our faith in Him is very needed in our lives. It’s the activity surrounding the celebration of the Christmas holiday that distracts us and confuses us.

It’s both funny and sad, but true. Our distractions steal some of the value and richness of life by confusing us as to what really should be important to be practiced and expressed while living each day of our life.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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