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To be connected


The best example to describe connection is a lamp. When it is plugged in or connected it lights and is bright. When it is not plugged in or connected it is dark. When it is connected it works.

Human connection acts in this same way, at the extreme, during the holidays.

When you are connected to others, the holidays are an experience that energizes our soul. There is excitement all around us when we see people that we are connected with at holiday get togethers or parties.

When we have no one, or those we love are not near, we feel so alone. The holidays become an event that lasts more than 24 hours in each day. We turn bitter wondering what all of the fuss is about.

There is very little middle ground during holidays.

As you enjoy your family and friends, be thankful for the connected life you live. Never take it for granted and always take time to connect. To think of others before yourself. To call when there has been silence amongst either family or friends.

Be gentle with those that seem detached or distant. The weight of their loneliness can never be shared. Take time to embrace them with a warm hug and a smile giving them a glimpse of what, they too, can regain with both patience and time.

Most importantly, be thankful for your health. For nothing can happen when you physically are not able.

Enjoy these special days with the ones you love and wish to be with. Take time away from your phone to talk, laugh, and possibly cry together. These moments are too few in our lives today which makes them that much more precious.

And always remember, there is no more powerful gift of being human, than to connect as well as to be connected.

Merry Christmas

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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