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Considering The Human Interface in Our Quest for Solutions


We solve problems every day. This happens. That crops up. Working hard to provide solutions. Changing the way we do things. Trying something new or different.

We approach problems as if they are one-sided. What I mean by this is that we look at problems as if they stand alone. As if they are a chair that needs a leg replaced.

There is always an interface that we lose sight of when solving a problem. That interface is a human one. How we, as individuals, interact with the problem and the solution.

Do we approach a problem with curiosity, frustration, or anger? Is the problem forced upon us by others or did we create it ourselves? Are we looking to achieve an outcome or simply minimize the impact of the problem on our lives? Who does the problem impact? Are there others that I must work with to find a solution?

Where we start from is a variable to consider in parallel to the problem we face. How we approach a problem, situation, or challenge can impact not only our search for a solution but the path we choose to take to get there. Considering the human interface to problems we face and how they will impact those involved helps lead us to better-designed solutions that have a better chance of succeeding.

It’s much like the web designer that in addition to creating web pages, it must consider how we will interact with them. Taking into consideration the “user experience” of their work will impact what they will create for us to use. The same can be applied to us when we problem-solve.

Once you become more aware of how you approach a problem, you could then dig further into it to find multiple ways to make your initial solution more effective. Making your two-sided approach to problem-solving more robust and hopefully more reliable in creating favorable outcomes.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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