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Constant Vigilance


My weight loss journey reminded me of the story, told often, when an alcoholic who changes their life by giving alcohol up, says “one day at a time”. Especially as it pertains to food (for myself) around the holidays. Surrounded by heartfelt prepared meals. Temptingly delicious sweets. All wrapped in the holiday spirit.

During a recent holiday meal, there was lively conversation. Laughter brought pause to the words. My plate looked different than others. Not much different than any other day. Only then did it occur to me that one of life’s challenges is the need for constant vigilance. That goes far beyond food or alcohol.

Think of a parent rasing a child. A child taking care of an aging parent. A pastor responsible for guiding his community. A principal directing the educational content and school environment to build a child’s foundation for a successful future.

A small business owner, who raises his family on its earnings, needs constant vigilance to make sure everything goes right so customers keep coming back to buy. The professional who needs to be constantly vigilant of new techniques, thinking, tools, and discoveries so that their knowledge remains up to date and they remain relevant within their chosen field.

Constant vigilance is not an option in life but rather a choice. A choice that is made once you understand the responsibilities that are inherent within the commitments we make to both ourselves and others personally & professionally.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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