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We all say this: “if only I had this or that” I could make it work. I could get it done. Or we need to do something and we create the need for 7 committees or different groups to carry something out.

You see everything APPEARS to be simple when we have what we want. Freedom, when there are no constraints, is a wild animal that jumps here and there without the need for ambition, discipline, focus, and direction.

When we believe in the need for abundance to achieve — our lives become filled only with excuses. Abundance in our lives is born out of constraint. It is born out of the obstacles we face. Constraint much like pain is a defining moment in our life.

Constraint, not having what you need or dealing with only what you have today is the most fertile ground for creativity. It gets rid of the clutter surrounding your obstacle or problem so that you can clearly see what needs to be done to get past it. Freedom or complexity both have the potential to divide your energy and/or your resources so that it may appear expedient but rarely is effective.

Your challenge, my challenge, and our challenge is to take only what we have today and use it or make it a little bit better. Inch by inch. There are no stock markets in our lives. There are no instant wins. There are no outside investors who can truly give you what you need.

Embracing constraint is a more difficult path. ¬†We get confused and discouraged by constraint. It’s hard for us to understand that it is the best invitation we can receive to grow, to explore, and to expand. If we are patient. If we are creative. If we have the “stuff” to push forward.

Constraint truly is an incredible sharpening stone in our lives.

Don’t be scared by it.

Embrace it.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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