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Conveyor Lessons


This past week I spent multiple hours helping on a packaging line. Popcorn was being handpacked into containers. The containers needed a label put on them and then put in boxes to be shipped. On different days, different people helped. What I saw was fascinating.

Everyone did their simple jobs differently. One person stacked the containers that came off of the conveyor before putting a label on them. Another person turned the container before putting a label on them. Some pushed the container towards the person putting them in a box. Others stacked and then handed a pile of containers to this person.

One might argue that this just shows that there was no training for the job. While they would be correct, the job was so simple. Eveyone demonstrated that there was more than one way to do the job. That there was more than one “right way”. Something that we often forget

What was fascinating to me was the variability in how each person approached what they had to do. Especially since I could witness their actions without stories around why they were doing it the way the did.

We ARE MORE DIFFERENT than we think.

In little things. In many ways.

All adding to the tapestry of life.

Admittedly, finding the differences between us and embracing our uniqueness is not an easy a task in our daily lives. The conveyor gave me the opportunity to observe a simple situation, over and over, with different people filling the same role.

I have seen too many people assume that others should think or act like they do. Easily frustrated by differences especially when magnified. Selfishly focusing on themselves instead of being quiet to better understand others.

The talent needed is not in better understanding others for who they are but more importantly to find the patience and tolerance to accept others for who they are. Starting first with ourselves. Believing in the premise that there are many differences between us and then enjoying learning about them so that we can become closer as humans.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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