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Cutting the grass


I just finished cutting the grass. What occurred to me was how it is a great example of how our lives should work. We are not going to look at nature’s role but rather our behavior towards what nature does which is most times to keep growing.

If you are like me, you probably cut the grass once a week. Most times, my wife enjoys cutting it. We both like a fresh cut lawn. In the spring, we might do it more than once a week when it grows fast. What is certain is that every week it gets cut.

You can’t cut part of the grass this week and another part two weeks from now. Once you start you have to finish. It’s as simple as that.

There is nothing fancy about cutting the grass. You basically have to do the same thing each week. It reminded me how similar this chore is to doing laundry, cooking dinner, going to the gym, practicing piano, learning how to paint, going to work each day or even running your own business.

All of these activities are, in and of themselves most times, a little boring but necessary. The secret to doing anything “well” is to have the discipline to do it regularly, consistently, and complete. To continue to see things through on a regular basis because they never end. (Doesn’t this sound a lot like “being responsible” or “having responsibilities”? Isn’t “seeing things through on a regular basis” what being responsible is all about?)

While cutting the grass has a clear beginning and a clear ending, a lot of things we hope to accomplish do not. Some things do have a clear ending (for the time being like cutting the grass). In both cases, the important thing is that since they continue — we must continue. Even if what needs to be done is a “little boring” but necessary.

Growth in nature never stops. Neither does our life’s journey. So keep cutting!

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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