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Deciding to See: Overcoming Distractions and Ego to Embrace Personal Growth


Deciding to see is one of the most difficult things we can do. Going beyond our daily distractions and inability to commit long periods to focus, deciding to see is an intentional act that we have a hard time accepting.

When someone decides to see, they are willing to admit that they don’t know everything, what the situation calls for, or that their prior thinking has been flawed and are unsure why. It’s a point when we decide to stop fooling ourselves by continually creating stories to defend why we are in the mess we are in blaming others or circumstances instead of ourselves.

Deciding to see is the enemy of our ego. Arrogant and certain, our ego stops us from seeing, listening, and adjusting to where we are and what we are told. Deciding to see is an intentional step that tells the ego to go away and hide so that you have the freedom to explore, change, and grow.

Details can provide so many clues to our next step but sadly we rush past them. We don’t slow down enough to pay attention. Deciding to see helps us put the brakes on our lives to pay attention, to accept hard truths, and give us the space to find the courage to change paths.

Deciding to see, rather than react and defend, is a major step towards personal and organizational change. We always play a larger role in the fate of our lives than we think. Our contributions to the content and outcomes of our lives are rarely thought of as we rush through our day.

Deciding to see requires us to be more like Sherlock Holmes than scanning multiple websites on our phones in minutes. There is an element of depth that is critical and necessary when deciding to see. It is trying to make sense of all the feedback and details and then trying to connect those that either don’t or didn’t fit what we believed in the past.

Deciding to see could very well at first lead to confusion. But as we walk through a strange forest looking for a path, searching for details that will change our perspective or point of view, will always lead to the other side of the forest and back into safer and broader new lands.

Everyone talks about the need to change and grow. Very few accept the challenge of first deciding to see. It isn’t easy. Not much in life that is of value is. It takes work, consistency, repetition, and time.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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