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Deep Friendships


In a world driven by deadlines, schedules, and constant timekeeping, it’s easy to forget the beauty of timelessness. We use time as a scorecard. Needing to rush to the next thing we need to do. Then counting how many things we finish in a day.

But amidst this endless pursuit of efficiently using time, there are instances when time seems to suspend its rigid hold. Moments of flow and laughter. The enduring embrace of deep friendship or deeply immersed in present work offers us a taste of timelessness that transcends the ticking of the clock.

Picture those instances when a heartfelt conversation, an engrossing book, or a challenging yet fulfilling project engulfs us, and time slips by unnoticed. It’s in these moments that time sets aside its record-keeping, allowing us to freely immerse ourselves in the present. Such instances are often described as experiencing a state of flow, where the passage of time disappears into the background.

Laughter, too, possesses this remarkable power to suspend time. It captivates us, filling us with a profound sense of joy and authenticity when it is present. Yet, both flow and laughter tend to be transient in our lives, fleeting like a passing breeze.

There exists though, one exceptional aspect of life where timelessness finds its home and flourishes: deep friendship. True friendship transcends the constraints of time, neither governed by a watch nor burdened by its seeming brevity

In deep friendship, time may continue its relentless march, yet our emotions, excitement, and acceptance overpower it making time insignificant. Even when we are reunited, we effortlessly “pick up where we left off,” as if our bond had remained unbroken throughout. Think about it, good friends have always been part of our journey since we were young.

The constancy and stability of true friendships fulfill a deep longing in our lives for connection. Touching life at its core without technology, expectation, or judgment. Even though we may sometimes fail to fully appreciate good friends when we are together. The connection and unyielding bond within these relationships never weaken, emanating a spark of energy that unites us every time we gather.

Good friends are the catalysts of laughter, the companions who encourage us to share our joys and sorrows, and the ones who lend a patient ear without expecting the “right” answer. They provide solace and a sense of security, understanding, and acceptance even in our moments of frustration, confusion, fear, despair, or silence.

It’s true that there may be moments when we lean on our friends more heavily, and times when we offer them more support in return. Such imbalances are natural and accepted within the realm of genuine friendship. The passage of time may separate us, leading to less frequent encounters, yet the essence of true friendship remains immune to any ticking clock.

Pause for a moment, and let a smile spread across your face as you think of your dear friends. Glance at your watch and contemplate the insignificance of time when with them. Let gratitude fill your heart for the friends you have and the ones you have yet to meet.

Life’s journey is enriched when shared with good friends by your side, where the embrace of timelessness creates moments of enduring significance. Keeping these moments close to our hearts through our memories. Available for us to embrace when needed. While always resulting in a smile.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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