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Developed Thoughts


It’s interesting, that over the past few days I have had different ideas as to what to write about today. Some different, others not important, but none that were inspirational.

You see writing multiple paragraphs, requires some thought and exploration of a topic. Things that defend an assertion or opinion with other things supporting it. Spending time deciding whether an objection or criticism that might be voiced as to what you believe has merit. All in all, multiple paragraph essays do not allow you to hide. They demand clarity.

Whereas, you can proclaim an idea to the world (without developing it) and run on to continue your life. That short meeting, the random conversation over coffee, or the casual conversation over a beer are great venues for the quick idea or strong opinion.

Quick ideas or opinions strike like lightning. Spoken with believability and emphasis and then quickly gone. The misperception of the quick idea is that it is as powerful as lightning. The reality is that it is as empty as the air we breathe but never see.

Developed thoughts are prone to errors when first written. Rough drafts are necessary to refine the faulty logic that they are first filled with.  Backspace and delete are where the power of written developed thoughts can be found.

Just like us, developed thoughts must be shared and tested, for them to evolve.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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