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Difficult Projects


Difficult projects are never present when we first start. Only our clear, shiny goal is embedded in our hearts. Much like reading a book or watching TV, we embark on this journey thinking that in a few hours we will be free.

Our first roadmap seemed so clear. We believed the weather was in our favor. Yet still, the obstacles and set backs begin to appear.

The amount of work needed to succeed never seems fair. When patient and consistent, few stories can be shared. Time slowly shines its light, revealing the difficulty of what we have chosen to dare.

Do we run or do we continue? Can we change things or the goals we seek, to make them easier to bear? Or do we look deep in our heart to remind us how important it is that we care?

Success is never guaranteed. Shooting stars are rarely seen.

Difficult projects appear all of the time.

Our mind convinces us of this each and every day.

The challenge for us is to see that our days are full of life. Difficult projects do not have to be. For within the silence of our actions, one step at a time, is where we can find the key. That shows us the direction towards what we are working to achieve.

Giving our heart the joy, to know, that we can truly see.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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